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Food Service Management Roles Explained

Owner/CEO/Corporate Management – The ownership or direct corporate representative such as Chief of Operations on a company-wide basis. This is the highest authority in a direct supervisory position.

Regional Manager – Manager of restaurant services over a set of states or territory. A regional Food Service Manager often overseas Area Supervisors or District Managers in a multi-chain semi-national or national restaurant brand or food service franchise.

District Manager or Area Supervisor – Oversees the operations of multiple stores in a set area. Overseas Restaurant General Managers and total store operations ensuring that restaurants meet company guidelines and hold the highest standards of operations.

Restaurant General Manager – This Food Service Manager is in charge of an individual store and it’s daily operations. The RGM often overseas ordering and inventory as well as supervision of the operations of both front of house and back of house managers, People Managers, or assistant managers in general.

Assistant Manager – An Assistant General Manager is often broken down as one of the following positions. Manager of Staff or People Manager who do the hiring, firing, payroll, and scheduling. Front of House who handles front end operations such as supervising wait staff, cashiers, and those busing tables. They often also handle point of sale issues including changing signage inside and outside of the restaurant and oversee maintenance. The last is the back of the house manager. Often called a kitchen manager these supervisors oversee food prep, food safety, stock rotation, equipment cleaning and maintenance schedules, and general employee happiness issues in coordination with the General manager and/or Manager of Staff.

Shift Supervisor – The lowest level of management is an entry position that often is assigned to oversee one or more sectors in a store under a specific AGM or Assistant Manager. This is an entry-level position that is often a start to training and experience allowing for future promotion to a higher level.

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Summary of Food Service Management Terms

Regardless of a single store or multi-chain franchise each manager’s role in the restaurant is vital to securing uniformity of practices. You are a part of a bigger picture which includes the safety and security of your customer, satisfaction of your employees, and profitability of the restaurant operation. In short, you are the reason your job and those of the people under you are secure and with the opportunity to grow. Food Service Manager is a title worn by elite employees who are the people driving success and accountability. Here’s to your own success and training via Food Service Manager Blog.