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Our mission is to provide experienced training through thought-filled reviews and research into current trends and tried and true practices to make each reader a better manager of restaurant operations. To improve service to your customers, treatment of your staff, and profitability of your establishment. We promise to also bring you hard-hitting and deeply researched reviews of products and franchise opportunities regardless of paid or free status of such review. Our mission is to build trust in the industry and be your go-to resource for training tomorrow’s food-service supervisors at all levels.

About Food Service Manager – Andy Anderson Author/Editor Food Service Manager Blog

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Andy Anderson Food Service Manager Blog

Andy Anderson is the Editor In Chief and Primary Blogger in charge of FoodServiceManger.com and has 16 years experience in restaurants and food-service and another 16 years as the owner of a small set of blogs related to business and affiliate management.

14 of the 16 years in Food Service was in Management where he started as a kitchen manager at the age of 21 and moved into other roles in management ranging from shift manager in fast food to general manager and owner in sit down restaurant establishments. He has worked in nearly every capacity in restaurant management with the exception of District or Regional management.

Andy is proud to bring his experience and investigative skills to the Food Service Manager community and offer a range of topics to cover all aspects of food and people management. Andy’s promise to you is to deliver truth and top-level training in every post. To bring you best in category equipment and franchise opportunity breakdowns, and to identify advertising hyperbole so you can make firm decisions from the information on these pages.